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Essential cat nutrition made easy

Cat nutrition for a kitten is essential; however, there are times when owners start of a pet diet that is not good for them. Cheap cat food with too much salt and fats, low in meat and high in carbohydrates is not balanced, and later in life the result is a cat may have health issues that could have been avoided.

Cats are like humans: they love different textures of food, a pet diet full of balanced ingredients with quality meats or fish will see them eating their food, licking their paws and purring away to their heart’s content.

It is important to remember that bit of a treat given to a kitten from the dinner table will result in a habit that is hard to break. Soon your regular pet diet will be a have been in vain, and your cat will have become a fussy eater.

The best way to avoid your kitten or cat from becoming a fussy eater is to nip it in the bud. Do not change your pet diet, keep to the same routine, leave a small portion of quality balanced cat food in his bowl and pick it up after half an hour as passed.

If the food is still in the bowl and your cat appears to be in good health then let him wait until his next meal is due before placing the same bowl of cat food before him, he will soon realise you are not taking notice of his demands and his rumbling stomach will win.

Other members of the cat family, such as lions and tigers, are well known as being an animal that is cunning, and your domesticated cat is no different. If you give him treats and special attention, he will let you.

At Hills Pets we have a wide range of quality balanced kitten and cat food, Hills Science Plan caters is a high premium balanced pet food that guarantees good cat nutrition.

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