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What’s the Story on Liquid Titanium Horse Products

Times are changing in the case of healthcare for horses. Many more people are trying to find alternative types of preventative/alternative care. Within this paradigm shift it appears as if liquid titanium products are becoming a wonderful adjunct inside the search for total health.

Titanium has been tested and proven to possess many incredible effects on biological and physical functions. Because liquid titanium products assist the horse’s system naturally causing it to deliver negative ions and far infrared rays, there are no limitations to how much time a horse can wear the item. Absolutely nothing enters the body through the gi tract, skin or blood vessels. Fundamentally, the liquid titanium acts on the bio-energetic field inherent to every living body. Exactly what does this all mean for the horse you could possibly ask. When liquid titanium items are worn by horses, the titanium surrounds the horse’s body and the horse is now able to utilize 100 % of the negative ions leading to extraordinary health advantages. When the negative ion effect is combined with the FIR (far infrared) producing properties, the health rewards of liquid titanium horse wear become quite extensive:

FIR converts into radiant heat (infrared energy) which produces body warmth.
Increases H2O hydration which improves blood circulation & increased oxygen inside blood provides more energy.
Increases metabolism.
Increases the production of nitric oxide which is a key component of any healthy immune system.
Reduces the acidity in the body.
Helps flush toxic substances from the body and reduces lactic acid buildup.
Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms.
Reduces pain affiliated with arthritis.
Can reduce inflammatory skin problems.
Can reduce anxiety.
Can relieve stress, which could lessen the chance of ulcers.
Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes serotonin levels which may result in a calming effect.
Increases awareness so helping your horse focus in a positive way. For horse owners this can mean a noticeable difference between mediocre performance and optimum performance, poor to average health versus blossoming health. It’s possible to start to learn how significant these health and fitness benefits can be ranging from a healthier, happier horse to improved focus and performance; with the potential of decreasing vet bills.

Up to date, the liquid titanium products available for horses include coolers/blankets, face masks and ear covers. All types of horse owners are beginning to use liquid titanium horse wear. Racehorses, barrel racers, 3day event horses, dressage horses and everything in between are experiencing the remarkable advantages of liquid titanium therapeutic horse wear.

Think of liquid titanium horse products as “drug-free” therapeutic horse wear. For holistic health enthusiasts seeking alternative ways of promoting health for their horses, liquid titanium horse wear is an excellent choice. Titanium products are not a replacement for traditional vet care, but can be applied besides your preferred vet’s services.

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