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How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving House

In terms of stress and anxiety, psychiatrists claim moving house is actually on par with getting divorced and experiencing bereavement! But some of the strain can be avoided by planning properly. If you organise yourself weeks before the move, your chances of having a smooth ride on the big day increase dramatically!

Packing all your belongings to move house can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re not organised and prepared. It can take a whole day to pack up a room full of belongings and furniture, so plan in advance and draw up a schedule of what you want to complete to give yourself targets. Packing all of your belongings can seem daunting but don’t struggle on your own; get your family and friends to help you out!

Ensure you have enough packing materials to carry all your stuff, as realising you don’t have enough boxes to carry everything is a sure fire way to increase stress levels on the big day! You should also make sure the containers you use are of good quality as old cardboard boxes have a nasty habit of splitting open at just the wrong moment!

First of all you should try and pack things that you don’t use regularly. As the day gradually gets closer you can begin packing the items you use more often so on move day you should just be able to quickly grab your last few belongings. By the time you’ve finished packing everything it will be nearly impossible to remember the specific items that are stored in each box. So clearly label each one as you fill it. This will make it easier to unpack at the other end as your removal team will know which room to put each box in.

The Garden
If you’re selling your house and you’ve got garden plants you are taking with you, you need to notify your buyers during the conveyancing process.

Before you pack the plants, leave them to dry outside so that the soil won’t be wet when the plants are packed with the rest of your stuff. If your plants are stored in breakable pots put newspaper around the pots to ensure they stay safe during the journey. Leaving the lid off the container your plants are stored in will help prevent anyone putting anything on top of them and will also ensure they get some fresh air and light while they’re in transit.

Filing old paperwork is no-one’s idea of fun but before you move it’s really important. Making sure you’ve securely stored and transported paper work related to your mortgage, car insurance, home insurance etc, will help you avoid falling victim to identify theft as your documents are less likely to fall into the wrong hands. It’s also a good idea to shred documents related to your old home that you don’t need anymore; as ripped up documents can still be pieced together once they’ve been thrown out.

If you’re going to move yourself using a hired van, work out how many trips back and forth you’re going to have to make. Once you know how many journeys you’ll be doing, you can plan your time on the day more accurately. Also if you’re going to have to travel through a city or town centre to get to your new home, think about how the traffic could disrupt your journey.

Children and pets
If you have children or pets it’s a good idea to organise somewhere for them to be looked after for the day, as they can often get in the way and make the whole process more chaotic. For children, moving can be quite traumatic, especially if they’ve lived in the same house for all or most of their lives. Try to ease their worries and concerns before the big day to minimise the impact the process will have on them. Keep reminding them about their new home and plan some treats once everything is unpacked to raise their spirits.

Cats and dogs become very attached to their familiar surroundings and will need extra attention and care to get used to their new home. On the moving day you should add a tag to their collar with your new phone number and mobile number. If they escape during or shortly after the move this information will make it easier for a stranger or the authorities to return them to you. If your pets have identifiable microchips make sure these are updated by your vet as soon as possible.

Try and stay relaxed!
Which ever way you look at it, moving house is a big deal but it shouldn’t be as stressful as a divorce or bereavement! If you don’t leave everything to the last minute and plan in advance the experience can run smoothly. The key to good planning is pre-empting everything that could happen to delay the process you’re trying to complete. Once you know what could go wrong you can think of solutions to overcome the delays.

Often these kinds of events are a lot easier if you’re relaxed; but if the process does end up getting stressful try to think about how much fun your house warming party is going to be, hopefully this will provide you with enough motivation to keep going!

Why You Should Train Your Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Training

Why you should Train your Bichon Frise?

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your Bichon Frise or puppy and yourself. Obedience training doesnt solve all behavior problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any problem. Training opens up a line of communication between you and your Bichon Frise. Effective communication is necessary to instruct your Bichon Frise about what you want her to do. You can teach her anything from stay (dont bolt out the door) to sit (dont jump up on the visitors) to off (dont chew the furniture).

Bichon Frises are social animals and without proper training, they will behave like animals. They will soil your house, destroy your belongings, bark excessively, dig holes in your yard, fight other Bichon Frises and even bite you. Nearly all behavior problems are perfectly normal Bichon Frise activities that occur at the wrong time or place or are directed at the wrong thing. For example, the Bichon Frise will eliminate on the carpet instead of outside; the Bichon Frise will bark all night long instead of just when a stranger is prowling around outside; or the Bichon Frise will chew furniture instead of his own toys. The key to preventing or treating behavior problems is learning to teach the Bichon Frise to redirect his natural behavior to outlets that are acceptable in the domestic setting.

Obedience training is also an easy way to establish the social hierarchy. When your Bichon Frise obeys a simple request of come here, sit, she is showing compliance and respect for you. It is NOT necessary to establish yourself as top Bichon Frise or leader of the pack by using extreme measures such as the so-called alpha roll-over. You CAN teach your Bichon Frise her subordinate role by teaching her to show submission to you in a paw raise (shake hands), roll over or hand lick (give a kiss). Most Bichon Frises love performing these tricks (obedience commands) for you which also pleasantly acknowledge that you are in charge.

Obedience training should be fun and rewarding for you and your Bichon Frise. It can enrich your relationship and make living together more enjoyable. A well-trained Bichon Frise is more confident and can more safely be allowed a greater amount of freedom than an untrained one. A trained Bichon Frise will come when called.
Some people debate whether or not it is possible to train puppies, and others ask whether it is possible to teach an old Bichon Frise new tricks. The answer to both questions is an unequivocal YES. Whatever the age of your Bichon Frise, the right time to begin training is right now! The most important time in your Bichon Frises life is right now. Your Bichon Frises behavior is constantly changing. A Bichon Frise that is well-behaved today will not necessarily remain that way forever. New problems can always develop. Existing problems can always get worse.

Enroll in a local Bichon Frise obedience training class to learn the basics. Then most teaching and training can and should be done in your home. It is best to begin training in an area that is familiar to your Bichon Frise and with the least amount of distractions as possible. When you feel both you and your Bichon Frise are skilled at several obedience commands, then take these commands to different areas. Introducing distractions may seem like starting all over again, but its worth the effort. In reality, who cares if your Bichon Frise will sit stay when no one is around? What
you need is a Bichon Frise who will sit-stay when company is at the door.

Who cares if your Bichon Frise heels beautifully in your own back yard? But you need to start there if you eventually want a Bichon Frise who will heel beautifully when walking down Union Street. If you want your Bichon Frise to be obedient in your car, guess where you have to practice? If you suddenly want your Bichon Frise to down-stay while you are trying to move over 3 lanes to make an exit, you had better find time to practice those obedience commands in the car long before you need them. Dont drive and practice at the same time. Practice while the car is parked or while someone else is driving.

Keep the obedience training sessions short and sweet. It is dull and boring to schedule tedious and lengthy training sessions. Instead, integrate training into your daily routine. Make obedience training interesting and meaningful to your Bichon Frise. If Puppy insists on following you from room to room while you are getting ready for the day, then insist he have something to do too. “Roll over” for your wake-up greeting. “Heel” from the bedroom to the bathroom.

“Down-stay” while youre brushing your teeth. “Heel” from the bathroom to the kitchen. “Sit-stay” while grinding the coffee beans. “Go find the ball” while you get dressed. Now “go get the leash” so you can go for a walk. “Sit” when the door is opened, “sit” again when the door is closed. And so on. Be sure that obedience training infiltrates your Bichon Frises favorite activities and that your Bichon Frises favorite activities infiltrates training. Your Bichon Frises favorite activities should become training, so that training becomes the Bichon Frises favorite activity.
Rewards While Training

The single most important aspect of training is rewarding your Bichon Frise for good behavior. The more times the Bichon Frise is rewarded, the quicker he will learn. Therefore, its essential that you set up situations repeatedly in order for your Bichon Frise to get plenty of practice at doing the right thing. Its equally as important that you always praise your Bichon Frise for good behavior instead of taking it for granted. Its easy to forget to praise good behavior because it goes unnoticed. But the very nature of misbehavior gets our attention. We dont notice when our Bichon Frise is lying quietly, but excessive barking gets our attention. How many of us take notice and praise our Bichon Frises when they chew their own toys? But we all go berserk when we notice our favorite pair of shoes chewed up! Praise and reward are the most important part of maintaining good behavior and preventing problems from arising.
Reprimands While Training

Some Bichon Frises feel they are constantly bombarded with, NO, Stop that, get off, Bad Bichon Frise! They tend to get used to it and so the reprimands become meaningless and are ignored. If most of our interaction with the Bichon Frise is praise for good behavior, then reprimands will take on much more meaning. Whenever you find the need to reprimand your Bichon Frise, immediately show him what you want him to do, then reward him for getting it right. If you catch him chewing the furniture, tell him, Off! Then immediately direct him to his own toys, enthusiastically entice him to chew on them and praise him for doing so.

If done correctly, your voice alone is sufficient for reprimand. A correct reprimand is short, sharp and immediate. Dont continue to nag the Bichon Frise and never reprimand him unless you catch him in the act. Never hit, kick, slap or spank your Bichon Frise. This type of inappropriate punishment always creates more problems and usually makes existing problems worse. Not only will you have a barking, chewing Bichon Frise, but one that is leery, hand-shy, fearful or aggressive.

Why Obedience training is essential for every pet Bichon Frise!

Obedience training establishes you as the Alpha.
Putting a leash on your Bichon Frise and teaching just one command communicates this leadership to your pet. Our pet Bichon Frises are more than willing to work and live in harmony with us, as long as they know their position in the pack. If the owner doesnt establish the leadership role, the pet Bichon Frise could develop unwanted behavior (jumping, chewing, biting, soiling the den,

Online Ticket Sales Brings Many Benefits

The Internet age has significantly changed how many products are traditionally sold, especially non-bulky information-based products that you don’t need to see before buying.

As a result, most people these days assume that it should be possible to purchase tickets for any event online, ideally from the event organizer’s website.

But the reasons why you should consider setting up online ticketing system are more than just to make it easier for your customers to buy tickets. If you enable people to buy tickets online, you can expect increased ticket sales and attendance, increased efficiency, higher profits, enhanced patron satisfaction and reduced costs.

Let’s consider a few of the most important benefits.

A box office that’s open 24/7.

Whilst simply setting up a web site is a great way of promoting your organization, you’re definitely losing customers if they can’t purchase tickets whilst they are on your site. Very often they’ll decide to attend one of your events as soon as they’ve seen your event description… so should make it as easy as possible for them to purchase tickets right at that moment. If they have to wait until the next for your box office to open, its quite conceivable they could either change their mind in the meantime, forget or decide to spend their money in other ways.

Eliminates booking fees and service charges added by ticketing services.

Both patrons and venue operators are becoming more and more disenchanted with the large booking fees charged by middlemen. With your own online ticketing system, you can not only eliminate service charges, but manage your your ticket sales and pricing as you like, which helps in developing enhanced and happier relationships with your customers.

Patrons can choose the exact seats they want from an online seating map.

With many online box office ticketing systems, customers are able to select and purchase the exact seats they want in real time with just a click of a mouse via an interactive seating chart. Such systems may offer the ability to display both the full auditorium or each section separately, to hover over seats and display the seat and row number and ticket price, to zoom and scroll over the seating chart, show available and unsold seats, or even show a view of the stage from the selected seat .

Saves time, reduces workload.

An online ticketing system greatly reduces the time you’ll spend answering phone calls, correspondence and other box office related matters … a huge benefit if you are a non-profit or volunteer run organization. And although this does mean that personal contact with your customers may be reduced, you’ll still be providing them with an enhanced level of customer service by offering the option of printing an e-ticket online, printing a voucher to exchange at the box office or requesting tickets to be posted.

Sell tickets from anywhere in the world.

With many web based box office ticketing systems, you can not only access the full administrative functionality of your box office system from anywhere in the world but you can Sell tickets, take payments and instantly print the tickets if you wish, just as if you were sitting in your local box office. For small or non profit organizations, and especially if you rely on a handful of volunteers, you’ll appreciate how useful this can be in farming out the workload.

Set up a network of resellers.

With an internet based event ticketing system, you can normally appoint resellers or distributors in any location provided they have access to an internet connections. These resellers simply log on to your system via their PC and internet connection and use your ticketing application to sell tickets the same as if they were sitting at a local box office terminal.

Increase “brand” awareness.

More people visiting your site to purchase tickets means more referrals and more awareness of your organization. And displaying your web address on all publicity materials (flyers, leaflets, magazines etc) as the convenient place to purchase tickets, is considerably more effective than just listing a contact phone number.

Build Customer loyalty.

Your own web site is always your customer’s primary choice when looking for information about events or ticket availability. Most people expect that your website will display the most up to date information about events and the best offers.Serving your patrons well by a website that’s not only informative, but allows them to buy tickets online, is a great way to build loyalty. And your web site is by far your lowest cost sales channel, plus the one with the highest return.

Send emails automatically to your patrons.

With most internet based ticketing software you can easily enhance your marketing efforts by sending emails to your patrons direct from your database, informing them of future events. And you will generally have the ability to fine tune you mail outs by selecting patrons on the basis of events attended, location or other categories that are set in your database.

There’s an increasing number of online box office ticketing systems available, all with somewhat different features and methods of operation. So, check out what online tickets sales software systems are available, maybe draw up a chart listing what features you see as essential, compare what is on offer and you’re sure to find a system that will meet your requirements and allow you to benefit from all that online ticketing can offer.

How To Buy Inflatables

Every one wants to buy quality inflatable with a relative low price. To get this “impossible mission”, let me suggest some guides for you.

First, you should know who to buy from. Person with common intelligence would kown – inflatable manufacturers. So, you must have the ability to recognize the manufacture. Now we face the next question, how to tell manufacturer and reseller? You can either request some pictures of the factory or to go to their factory to have a look.

Second, where to buy? America? Europe? Middle East? I suggest China! Why? Because inflatables from China have a relative low price. Made-in-china is all over the world. If others enjoy inflatables from china, why not you? Are you afraid of the quality? Okay, move next.

Third, someone holds the viewpoint that cheap product with bad quality. Maybe it’s true. But if you are clever enough, you could tell which one is good and which one is bad. Who tell you products from China is not as quility as other countries? The answer is competitors in American! If they can’t beat their competitors from china with price,they would take quality for resistance. And, as you may know, many USA manufacturers buy inflatable material even finished products from china but boosting that it is made in America.

The last, choose a reliable and good reputation manufacture! This is the most important! I suggest Genreal Group. Why? Since 1996, General Group has been the top inflatable manufacturer in China integrating producing, research and development and sales. Their annual revenue is increasing every year by 10%. All of the inflatables are produced according to the ISO Quality Certification and have achieved CE and UL series of certification. If you are in Australia, all inflatables exported to Australia customer will be fabricated to
Australian Standards AS3533.4.1-2005. Amusement Riders And Devices Part
4.1 Specific Requirements-Land-Borne Inflatable Devices. For US, Europe and other regional customer, General Group still produce according to your country’s Standard. It website URL is Click to visit inflatables, inflatable bouncers .

Automatic Dog Feeders Allow Owners To Care For Their Pets While Away From Home

Dog owners often leave their pets alone at home for several hours during the day while they go off to work. In some instances, a dog owner could be called out of town unexpectedly and not have someone available to check on their beloved pet. One way to make sure a pet is well fed during the day is to use a dog food feeder. The automatic dog feeders are available in several different styles and can hold enough food for several feedings. The programmable feeder allows pet owners to select the amount of food to be dispersed for a feeding as well as the scheduled time or times for the feeding.

The large capacity pet feeders can hold up to 45 cups of dry dog food to feed a dog for as long as 99 days. The number of days the feeder can provide food will depend on how often the food is dispensed. The high tech design of the automatic feeders for dogs includes built-in sensors to detect when the feeding dish is full so the system will not release more food than what it is programmed to disperse. Some of the advanced models also come with recording devices so owners can record short messages to their pets to comfort them while they are away.

The automatic dog feeders are constructed of durable materials. The containers are designed to be shatterproof and the bases are created to be sturdy and stable. This means even the largest breed of dog will not be able to knock over the feeder and break it. The lid on the container or hopper also comes with a secure locking system to prevent dogs from tearing it off. The more advanced models also come with alarms to alert pet owners of the need to add more food.

The ability to use a food dispenser for a dog, takes the worry out of going away from home for short periods of time. This device is good to use for pets who are too shy to come out around strangers or for those who are too protective of their surroundings. In addition to the large capacity feeders there are also several small capacity styles designed to provide up to four meals. Some smaller sized dog food feeders can dispense both wet and dry food, which can be useful when dogs prefer eating only wet food.