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Indian Ethnic Wear

Ethnic is classic and maintains the essence of our culture. The traditional style of clothing in Indian ethnic wear varies with age. India has diversified culture in terms of dresses. Among Indian women’s ethnic wear, Sari is the most elegant.
Some mens Indian ethnic wear are Athletic wear, Jodhpuri Suit and Embroidered Sherwani etc. Athletic wear is available in different sizes and styles; our athletic wear is not only comfortable but also high in fashion. Jodhpuri Suit is superb mixture of Indian and western taste. Jodhpuri suit including jacket & trouser and having beautiful embroidery with Zardosi impart a royal look to the men.
Indian ethnic wear is traditional wear. It is different in different state. Women in Rajasthan wear long skirts that reach up to the ankle traditionally known as Ghaghra. It is narrow at the waist and its width increases at the base. There are a number of plates on the Ghaghra, and it is said that plates signify the wearer’s wealth. Ghaghras come in a variety of styles, but the more famous Ghaghras are the Laharia, Mothra and the Chunaris styles. Men wear a turban and Angarakha – a traditional dress worn above the waist.
The traditional ethnic dress of Maharashtra is also very popular. Men wear a dhoti and shirt along with a head dress that is popularly known as a “Pheta”. The dhoti is usually around two and a half feet long with or without borders. The women wear sarees with a short sleeved Choli (blouse).
The Indian ethnic dress of Kerala consists of Mundu and Neriyathu for both men and women. Saree and blouse also form a popular alternative as a traditional dress for women. While the Mundu forms the lower garment; the Neriyathu forms the upper garment. The Mundu is hand-woven which is worn around the hips below the navel. It is generally cream or white in color.

In Karnataka, men wear lungi and shirt, along with an Angavasthram, while women wear sarees and Salvar suits. Kanchipurram sarees are also very famous in Karnataka.
The ethnic dress of Andhra Pradesh is Saree and blouse for women and Dhoti and Kurta for men. Some tribal of Andhra Pradesh have their own dresses such as Lambadies, which are famous for their attractive and colourful garments. There are a lot of beads, sequins and mirror work studded on them. They also wear wide skirts in many bright shades of red, orange, and blue colors.
The state of Orissa, which is essentially a tribal dominated state, is also famous for Sarees with Ikat patterns. This state is also famous for its Ikat, Bomkai, Bandha and Pasapalli patterns. Sambalpur and Cutaki Sarees of Orissa are also famous across the country. Behrampuri silks are also very popular.
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Pomapoo Puppy & Dog Information

The pomapoo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Pomeranian and a Poodle, classified as an F1. Since the pomapoo is a crossbreed, the appearance can vary.

Poodles are intelligent and good natured dogs while the Pomeranian is quite energetic and makes a good companion dog. Given these traits, one would expect the Pomapoo to make a great family pet. Both the Poodle and the Pomeranian love the company of people and take easily to training.

Approximate Adult Size

The approximate adult size, two years old or older, of either the male or female Pomapoo is 8 to 12 inches at the withers. The withers are measured as the highest point of the shoulder. The adult weight of a Pomapoo can range anywhere from 3 to 14 pounds.

Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have certain health conditions problems associated with that specific breed. This information should in way be considered a comprehensive list of potential disease. Pomeranians could be prone to skin problems, hot spots, gum disease, low blood sugar, eye infections and heart problems. Poodles could be prone to Canine Hip Dysplasia that can lead to arthritis pain and lameness. Epilepsy, which is common in many dogs, stifle problems and ear infections, can occur in Poodles and this trait may pass on to the Pomapoo.

This disease list is provided only as an informative guideline and your Pomapoo may not experience these conditions. Always consult a qualified veterinary professional for more comprehensive information about your dog.

As with any dog, the puppy stage, 0 to 12 months of age, is the time for shots, boosters and check up. As an adult, the dog should have an annual veterinary checkup. The annual veterinary checkup should include a complete dental exam and cleaning. Dental hygiene like brushing should be a regular part of grooming. Avoid feeding your dog sweets and other human foods.


The coat of a Pomapoo could be straight and course or curly with an undercoat typical of poodles. Regular brushing will help maintain a clean and healthy coat. The process of grooming is an opportunity to examine the dog for skin problems and insects pests like fleas and ticks. Brushing and grooming also helps to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your dog.

Dental health is important and the teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities and periodontal disease. Poor canine dental hygiene can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious health conditions.

The claws should be trimmed regularly and the paws examined for signs of injury. Trimming should be done carefully so as to avoid the cutting the quick of the nail. The quick is the soft tissue inside the nail that will bleed profusely if injured.

Life Span

With proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions, a pomapoo should be able to live a long and healthy life. Given the hybrid nature of these dogs, an accurate prediction of life expectancy is not possible.


American Canine Hybrid Club

As a hybrid breed, the Pomapoo is not recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club, AKC, and Canadian Kennel Club CKC, the Continental Kennel Club or their affiliated organizations.

Litter Size

Litter size is said to average between 4 and 6 puppies.



Every dog is an individual so not everything in this article may be correct for your dog. This information is intended only as a good faith guideline.

Sharp Lc60le925(lc60le925e)video Review-cheap Quattron 3d Led Tv

Review Of The Sharp Quattron LC-60LE925E (LC60LE925E) 60 Inch Full HD 3D LCD Television With Freeview-HD Digital Tuner

This review is of the Sharp LC-60LE925E 60 inch LCD Quattron television. The Sharp LC-60LE925E 60inch LCD TV is packed with unique features and ground breaking technology including the AQUOS Quattron 3D technology.

Other features on the Sharp LC60LE925E LCD Television include a Full HD 1080p X-Gen panel, a mega contrast ratio, AQUOS NET, and a time shift function.

Experience the benefits of full HD in all its glory on the Sharp LC60LE925. HD brings you sharp lines, vibrant colours and superb detail. The Sharp LC60LE925 combines full HD technology with the breath taking 3D imagery. With more films coming out in the cinema in 3D, demand as grown for people to recreate this experience in their own homes. 3D has come a long way since the paper red and blue lens glasses, shifting the focus from what comes out of the screen to the depth of image. When you experience the Sharp LC-60LE925 for the first time you will be blown away by the level of depth that achieved on screen. The backgrounds and foregrounds are easily distinguished between, giving you a realistic lifelike cinematic experience.

A great feature of the Sharp LC60LE925 is that is has a built in Freeview HD digital tuner. Freeview-HD is the latest tuner available from the free digital television providers Freeview. Unlike a standard Freeview tuner, the Freeview HD tuner on the Sharp LC-60LE925E gives the viewer access to an ever growing list of free high definition channels like BBC HD and ITV HD.

Another handy feature of the Sharp LC-60LE925 is the Time Shift function. Time Shift stops you from missing your favourite programmes with a simple recording system that allows you to pause live television. By pausing live television you are free to answer the phone, make a cup of tea or kick the cat out with out missing a second of your favourite television programme. With the Time Shift function you can recorder up[ to 150 minutes of standard definition signals, or 60 minuets of high definition signals.

The sharp LC-60LE925E also has great networking capabilities thanks to the AQUOS NET giving you the chance to access the internet or Media player via a USB or wiring it up to your home network.

The Sharp LC60LE925 is a fantastic 60inch 3D television with a great range of features and picture boosting technologies. The Sharp LC-60LC925E is available at a low price, meaning 3D and Full HD technology has never been so affordable.

For more information and a low price on the Sharp Quattron LC60LE925 60 inch LED edgelit 3D LCD Television go to

– 60 inch Diagonal Screen Size (Inch)
– 153 cm Visible Diagonal Screen Size
– 1920×1080 pixels
– 1080p resolution
– HD Ready 1080p
– 3D TV

Manufacturers Technology Features
– Aquos LCD Panel
– Quattron
– Full HD 3D

– Digital TV Ready
– Freeview
– Teletext
– 1000 Page Teletext Memory
– Sleep Timer
– EPG (Guide Plus+)
– DLNA Certified

– 1x 1.4 3x 1.3 x HDMI Connection/s
– 1 x Headphone Socket
– 1 x Standard Scart Connection/s

Power, Weight & Dimensions
– 400 x 400 Vesa Universal Wall Bracket Fitting
– 55.5 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
– 1439 x 975 x 368 Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
– 1439 x 913 x 40 Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand

Great Tips That Can Help Your Wow Character Earn Lots Of Gold

In World of Warcraft, gold is one of the most essential commodities. A lot of people believe that gold is exceptionally difficult to earn in the game and nearly everyone of them resort to buying gold for cash. A number of people who did this ended up getting banned by the World of Warcraft servers, while others got their account hacked by the very individuals they purchased the gold from.

Even though there are honest websites that sell gold for World of Warcraft gamers lawfully and honestly, you have to keep in mind that there are a lot more ways to get gold for your character without spending real money.

So, here are some ways how you can receive gold for your character effortlessly and without spending any real cash.

Firstly, you need to bear in mind that there are a range of professions that your character can take on in the game. A number of of these characters can genuinely earn lots of money as the profession is greatly in demand by a lot of players.

The first profession is blacksmithing. This is one of the secrets to make huge money in the game. Characters in the game require blacksmiths to replenish items. Because of the continuous need for renewing items, this profession will constantly be sought-after. An example would be manufacturing sharpening stones and grinding stones.

Enchanting is an additional profession in World of Warcraft that can produce your character lots of money. This can supply your character with respectable gold in World of Warcraft. In all the servers in World of Warcraft, you will find that there is a enormous market enchanting materials, such as Shards to Dust. Try to concentrate on disenchanting rather than of enchanting as this can make your character the most return.

The disenchanting skills will make you heaps of materials for other enchanters that are too lifeless to get them for themselves.

Engineering is also one more notable profession in World of Warcraft that can help you make a lot of money for your character. The engineering profession can construct objects that are very much in need by players, for example bombs, explosives, and fireworks, just to give a few examples.

Small Pet Vendors are also greatly in demand. Although pets aren’t really essential to accomplish quests and level up in the game, you will discover that for some explanation, World of Warcraft players love to get their character little pets. If you select this profession for your World of Warcraft character, you will see that it will give a exclusive opportunity for your character to produce a lot of money in the game. All you have to to do is pick up loads of small pets while traveling through Azeroth and sell them in the Auction House. You will be amazed as to how many individuals want to have small pets for their characters.

Instance Runs is a further fantastic way to receive money for your character in World of Warcraft. You will discover that there are a decent number of instances in the game that can be used to farm green items. You can sell these in Auction Houses or you can also disenchant them for the materials they can make available. Once you make level 70, you will be able to instances unaided, which can make your character lots of gold.

So, these are 5 ways how you can put together heaps of gold for your character in World of Warcraft. With persistence, you can even make genuine profit by selling gold for ready money to other players.

How To Entertain Your Ferret

Your ferret is highly active, and wants to interact with you. He won’t be interested in watching television or playing video games, and he of course cannot be let out into the backyard to burn off his energy. He needs you to provide some measure of entertainment for him.

You will always know when your ferret is ready to play. He will do everything but say the words! He will most likely get in front of you, bounce a bit, run back and forth, and possibly even ‘dance’ a bit. He may even tug on your pants leg to get your attention. There won’t be any doubt in your mind that he wants to play, and he has selected you as his playmate.

Ferrets like games that involve chasing, hiding and seeking, and tug-of-war the best. Naturally, there are many variations of these games that you can play with your ferret, and it won’t take long before you know which ones he enjoys the most. He will chatter, dance, and be very interested in the games that he loves.

Entertaining a ferret is not expensive. He doesn’t need fancy toys. He likes the simple things in life. An old dishtowel for tug-of-war, a ball, a paper sack with crumpled up newspaper or wrapping paper inside – these are the things that bring joy to your ferrets life.

Get down on your hands and knees and chase him – allow him to chase you back, but stay on your hands and knees. Make sure that you have lots of energy! Ferrets are a cuddly ball full of energy – and he will be able to play the game a great deal longer than you will.

Ferrets love companions. Two ferrets are always happier than just one, because they have each other for constant entertainment. A dog or cat also makes a good playmate for your ferret.

You should also purchase some toys that will allow your ferret to entertain himself when you can’t play. Toys that hang from strings are very interesting to ferrets. They don’t just want to ‘bat’ the toys like cats do – they want to figure out how to get it to their nest, and will spend hours trying to figure that out.

Your ferret may want to nip. This is a natural part of his play – until he understands that you do not want him to nip you. Do not hit your ferret. Instead, tap him on the nose and sternly say ‘no.’ Once you’ve done this, do not remain mad at the ferret. Go back to playing with him, and when he nips you again, tap him on the nose again and say ‘no.’ Make sure that you are consistent with this, and it won’t take long for your ferret to associate nipping with you being angry at him. He doesn’t want you to be angry – he wants to please you.

You can purchase Ferretone in just about any pet store, or through online pet stores. This substance can be applied to anything that you want the ferret to be interested in. Ferretone is like cat nip – but for ferrets.